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1 - Pond skaters are insects. They ________ easily on the surface of the water.
  • gliding
  • glided
  • glide
  • are gliding
2 - If the snow ___________ to fall, none of the planes will be able to take off.
  • continues
  • is continuing
  • continued
  • will continue
3 - The motorist ___________ his car to avoid hitting the child.
  • swerving
  • swerved
  • were swerved
  • swerve
4 - The rain __________ puddles of water on the ground.
  • were leaving
  • leaving
  • leave
  • left
5 - ________ you__________ cold? Shall we switch oft the fan?
  • Have... felt
  • Does... feeling
  • Do... feel
  • Did... feel

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