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1 - If they leave at 7 a.m., they ______ Malacca by noon.
  • reach
  • will reach
  • reached
  • are reaching
2 - The cat leapt off the ledge and ______ nimbly on its legs.
  • lands
  • landed
  • landing
  • will land
3 - The Civil Defense officers ___________ how to put out fires. Let's go and take a look.
  • demonstrates
  • demonstrate
  • are demonstrating
  • demonstrated
4 - We cannot see the top of that mountain as it ___________ covered by clouds.
  • was
  • were
  • are
  • is
5 - _________ off the air conditioner. It's too cold in here.
  • Switches
  • Switch
  • Switched
  • Switching

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