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1 - When deciding on which form of business will best serve your purposes. you should take into account the time ......... necessary to handle regulations and formalities.
  • commitment
  • conditions
  • constraints
  • coordination
2 - The need for funding is one of the first concerns for any new business. and unless you have the personal assets or can ......... friends. family or your bank. you will be seeking investors.
  • talk to
  • tap into
  • touch upon
  • trade with
3 - Determining not only the type of business you are starting. but the type of customers you will attract and the manner in which you will attract them should also be ......... into your decision making process.
  • considered
  • factored
  • included
  • involved
4 - The potential for liability from customer relationships or interaction ......... heavily on your liability risk.
  • impacts
  • incurs
  • intrudes
  • involves
5 - For example. someone with a business that sells goods via the Internet or through mail order is less likely to ......... lawsuits than someone who owns physical store locations. where customer foot traffic .and potential injuries. could result.
  • garner
  • garnish
  • incite
  • inculcate
6 - It will also be assumed that a professional business such as a law firm or accounting practice will have greater assets. making them greater targets in a ......... society.
  • illicit
  • legalistic
  • legislative
  • litigious
7 - Someone who has already had previous business success and has significant assets from a previous business venture would also want to protect those assets ..........
  • closely
  • narrowly
  • severely
  • strictly
8 - Apathy can come back to ......... a successful entrepreneur. plan ahead.
  • haunt
  • hound
  • hunt
  • hype
9 - It is wise to ......... with both an attorney and an accountant and discuss the details of the business that you are planning to start and where you see it going in five or ten years.
  • hole up
  • hunker down
  • set up
  • sit down
10 - . ......... all the bases. including liabilities. taxes. employee benefits and the need for investors. before making your decision.
  • Cover
  • Lay
  • Run
  • Spike

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