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1 - Dolphins are mammals. There are various types of dolphins but bottlenose dolphins are the most common dolphin......... .
  • species
  • summary
  • flight
2 - Dolphins live in the ocean. Oceans are made up of ......... water.
  • filtered
  • salt
  • fresh
3 - Dolphins are very intelligent and use whistles and squeaks to......... with other dolphins.
  • melt
  • arrest
  • communicate
4 - They understand each other well and scientists believe that they have their own ......... .
  • language
  • books
  • cards
5 - Dolphins look like they have fun in the ocean because they play with each other as well as......... out of the water. Another word for this is jump.
  • shriek
  • run
  • leap
6 - Dolphins and whales are examples of sea or......... mammals because they are warm.blooded but live in the ocean.
  • marine
  • air
  • land
7 - Fish and sharks. however. are ......... .blooded animals.
  • cold
  • warm
  • hot
8 - Fish can breathe under water because they have......... . Dolphins don't have these.
  • ears
  • gills
  • scales
9 - Dolphins don't have......... like fish but. instead. have smooth. rubbery skin.
  • surfs
  • fur
  • scales
10 - .Fish can breathe under water but dolphins have ......... so they must come up to the surface for air.
  • hearts
  • kidneys
  • lungs

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