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Free ESL Regular Daily English Lesson - Golf - Terminologies  

Golf - Terminologies

Golf is a sport that is increasing in popularity. This is more true for Asian countries with many great golfers coming from Korea, Japan, and China. Golf is also great because it is a sport for all ages and both genders. In this lesson, we will cover all the things you need to know to have a great conversation about golf.

Before we start, let's cover some terminologies and equipment

Iron set - A typical set of irons consist of a pitching wedge and 3 through 9 irons
5 wood - Fairway wood designed to hit the ball a little farther than the 3 iron
3 wood - Fairway wood designed to hit the ball a little farther than the 5 wood
Driver - The club used to hit the ball the farthest off the Tee
Putter - The club used to putt the ball in the cup

Tee box - The place where you hit your first shot
Fairway - The short grass area in the middle
Rough - Taller grass next to the fairway that is not in the middle
Green - The area where the hole is and where you putt the ball.

Par 3 - Short holes where it should take 3 shots to get in the cup
Par 4 - Middle length holes where it should take 4 shots
Par 5 - Long holes where it should take 5 shots

Hole in one - When the ball goes in the cup on the first hit. Usually only on par 3's.
Double Eagle - Ball goes in the cup after hitting the ball twice on a par 5. 3 under par
Eagle - Ball goes in the cup after hitting the ball 3 times on a par 5 or 2 times on a par 4. 2 under par
Birdie - Reaching the hole at one under par. So on a par 3, you reached the cup in 2, par 4, you reached in 3, and par 5, you reached in 4.
Par - When you put the ball in the cup in the number specified by the par. Par 3, in three, par 4 in four shots, and par 5 in five shots
Bogey - Using one extra shot to reach the cup. For example, on a par 4, you used 5 shots to get in the cup.
Double bogey - 2 over par
Triple bogey - 3 over par
Quadruple bogey - 4 over par
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Lưu ý:
1.Bạn có thể dùng chuột để tô xanh cụm từ (2 từ gép trở lên) và bấm Ctrl-Shift-A để dịch cả câu sang tiếng Việt
2.Đối với từ đơn bạn chỉ cần Double click nháy chuột hai cái lên từ cần tra, sau đó nếu bạn muốn nghe thì bấm vào hình cái loa.


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