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Free ESL Regular Daily English Lesson - Movie Types - Other Types  

Movie Types - Other Types

Science Fiction: Futuristic movies like star wars, star trek, theme of time travel, superhuman powers, etc.

"Many science fiction movies are about the future."
"The success of a science fiction movie is usually dependent on how much they spend on special effects."
"After watching a science fiction movie such as star wars, I always wish I lived in the future."
"Gene Rodenberry and George Lucas are two great people in the Science Fiction world."

Suspense (Thriller): A movie that intentionally keeps you in a heightened state.

"I am always on the edge of my seat when I watch suspenseful movies."
"I can't stand to watch suspenseful movies because my stomach always gets upset."
"The suspense just kills me."
"It's so exciting to watch a suspense movie."

Western: Old time cowboy movies

"Western movies are not so popular anymore."
"Client Eastwood was a popular western actor."
"Western movies show a little bit about the United States during the early years."
"After watching The Last Samurai, I always hoped an Asian country will make a movie called The Last Cowboy."

Commentary / Non-Fiction: Educational and true.

"Commentaries and non-fiction films are usually educational."
"Non-profit organizations usually create commentaries supported by the government."
"Popular non-fiction films are about chimpanzees and gorillas"
"Sometimes non-fiction films are sad because of the hidden truth that is revealed."
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