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Free ESL Business English Lesson - Talking to your boss about another boss  

Talking to your boss about another boss

Sometimes there are multiple bosses and they both give you work. This can cause some problems. The best way to handle this situation is to tell your direct boss what is happening so it gets straightened out at the management level.

"Hey Mark. I'm doing all the projects you gave me, but John gives me additional work. I don't mind it, but lately it's been too much."

"Hey Mark. John has been assigning a lot of work to me. I have a lot of current work I am doing, so I would like to know what work has more priority."

"John wants me to do the payroll analysis. He said he needs it by end of week. But didn't you want the employee headcount finished by Friday? I can't finish both. What should I do first?"

If another boss is giving you a hard time, you can tell your manager what you think. Here are some professional sentences that you can use to show your frustration about another boss.

"I'm having some problems with John lately. He is very critical and puts me down in public. I don't know what I am doing wrong so I don't know where I need to improve. What do you think I should do about this?"

"John has been very difficult to work with. He is very bossy and expects everything to be done his way. I have been tolerating it because he is a manager, but some of his methods are wasting a lot of time. I always suggest other ways, but he will not hear me out."
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