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Dreams - Regular Speaking English Lessons  


Dreams are very interesting and can be a topic of discussion in many situations. Here are some sentences to start some of these discussions.

"I had a really bad nightmare last night."
"I keep having the same dreams over and over."
"I had a great dream last night and I really didn't want to wake up."
"I rarely have dreams that I remember."

"I had this weird dream where I was flying through the mall. What do you think it means?"
"I have a recurring dream where I am walking through the woods in a green costume. Do you know what it means?"
"I had a dog when I was young, and I often dream about him."

When dealing with children, they can get nightmares if they watch a scary television show. You can use some of these sentences to talk to your children or to talk to other people about this problem.

"You can't watch that show because you'll have a bad dream."
"You know you'll get nightmares if you watch something scary."
"Are you sure you want to watch that show? It might be a little scary."

"My son kept me up all night because he couldn't fall asleep after watching a movie. I shouldn't let him see anything like that anymore."
"The daycare had a movie day and although it was a children's movie, my kid had nightmares."
"Even babies have dreams. One time my 1 year old daughter woke up screaming pointing to the bed."
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