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Driving - Regular Speaking English Lessons  


Once you have obtained a legal drivers license in your state, you are now able to drive. You should be knowledgeable on the laws and regulations regarding where you live.

"Do I need to have car insurance?"
"Can I talk on my phone when diving?"
"What if I get caught speeding."
"What are the carpool lanes for?"
"What if I have car trouble?"
"What if I get into a wreck?"
"If I have my license in one state can I drive in another state?"

If you are asked any of these questions, here are ways that you could respond.

"Some states require car insurance. Make sure you find out before driving."
"If you do not have car insurance and hit someone you are responsible to pay for the damages."

"In some states talking on the phone while driving is illegal, check you laws first."
"Always use a blue tooth device so you can concentrate on the road."

"If you get caught speeding just calmly do what the police officer asks you."
"You will most likely get a ticket and have to pay a fine."

"Carpool lanes are for cars with two people or more inside."
"Carpool lanes are for motorcycles and cars with a lot of people."

"If you have car trouble you can use a cell phone to call for help."

Some people use a service called AAA. It stands for American Automotive Association. You can become a member by joining and paying a yearly fee.

"You can wave down someone to help you or just wait for help."

"You should wait for the police to come and help handle things"
"You should get each others insurance and personal information."

"Yes, you can drive from state to state with your license."
"If you move permanently to another state you will need to get a driver's license for THAT state."

Other options besides driving

There are other options for transportation besides driving your car. You could ride the bus to work. You could ride a bike or use the public subway system if they have one. You may also choose to carpool. Carpooling is when you share a ride with friend(s) to cut down on the amount of traffic on the roads.
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