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  • Cách phân biệt Agree with / to, Differ with / from / than Click vào link sau để làm bài tập luyện tập 1. Agree to vs. Agree with Don’t Say: Are you saying you agree to their arguments? Say Instead: Are you saying you agree with their arguments? Here’s Why: How do you know whether to use “to” or “with”? “Agree to” introduces an infinitive form of a verb such as “to jump,” “to suppose,” or “to annoy.” It means to consent to, as in consenting to fulfill the terms of a contract. “Agree with” introduces a noun. It means to be in accord or alignment with, as in agreeing with a point of view. So in this sentence, where we
  • Những lỗi sai thường gặp với các từ bổ nghĩa cho con số, khoảng cách, số lượng... Distance/Number/Quantity Modifiers A group of modifiers that seems to generate a lot of errors are modifiers of measurable distance, number, or quan-tity. Mistakes happen when the distinctions in meaning among some of them get blurred, as is the case with the following errors. 1. Between vs. Among Don’t Say: All right, I’ll tell you, but it stays between us three, okay? Say Instead: All right, I’ll tell you, but it stays among us three, okay? Here’s Why: “Between” describes a relationship between two things only. “Among” is used when you’re referring to more than two things, which is the case in this sentence.

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